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Get the latest production information and special deals delivered to your face.  Don’t worry we’re not one of those crazy companies who will email you every two hours or sell your email.  Unless the money is right, and it isn’t (we checked).

[ Return Policy ]

We'll pretty much take anything back if you’re not satisfied. It has to be in the same condition you got it, and you'd have to pay the shipping back. Once we determine everything is on the up and up we will credit you. Let us know what’s happening though before you send something back so we’re ready for it. 

[ Purchasing ]

Do I seriously need a PayPal account to buy your awesome stuff? 

First: thanks for saying. Second: nay, it's a myth. You do you have to use PayPal for the transaction, but you can pay with a credit card and don’t have to sign up. 

That thing in your shop is way too much money. 

Make us an offer! You never know, we might be in a good mood. Or maybe you're just so good looking we give you a discount (send a head shot). 

Wait are you saying that you're biased towards good looking people? 

No. Well yes. But officially no. 

I don't think that's right. 

Hey that's the way the world works man. 

This place doesn’t look safe? 

Is that a question? Ok, so the main site is “unsecured” as they say, but once you go to make a purchase you fly off to PayPal, which is super duper secure. SSL 128-bit something or other, all I know is it’s safe. Don’t worry. 

[ Shipping ]

Most of our stuff ships UPS Ground, but contact us for other arrangements. For heavier items we often recommend using Greyhound Package Express because it’s great and cheap. 

Where are you guys located? 

Fort Worth or Dallas Texas, depending on the time of day. Everything ships out of Dallas, though. It’s nice and centrally located. Also: hot. 

What if my stuff is broken? 

That’s not going to happen. But ok, on the off chance that it does just let us know – we can be very accommodating. 

Can you ship to XYZ location that’s somewhere far away? 

That all depends. Let’s chat.